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Werktec Vaporizer

Werktec Vaporizer

Werktec tasked our group with designing the dry herb vaporizer. During the R&D phase our engineers discovered a method for near instant vaporization, paving the way for a best in class user experience.

Client: Werktec
Contributions: Industrial Design, Interaction Design


Keep It Simple

Because of the instant on capability it removed a lot of the needed interactions, no power button, no warm up indicators. This drove me to create the simplest interactions as possible. While competitors had minimalist interfaces they were confusing, requiring the user to remember what certain colors or LED patterns meant. For this product the device would power on when the user inhaled, then subtle vibration would coach the user in how deeply and how long they should draw.

Too Hot To Hold

A lot of thought went into how the vaporizer would be held. I wanted it to feel natural and "normal" without mimicking the use of cigarettes or existing vaporizers.

Competing products have a gadgety aesthetic, and we were looking for a more premium feel. In addition most vaporizers are designed to be discrete, I felt that it was important for the form to be confident and celebrated, something that you weren't trying to hide.

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Not Just Skin Deep

Materials were an important part of the project. I felt that it was crucial for the product to use sustainable materials and be designed for repair and recycllability from the beginning. The housing was designed around recycled aluminium,steel, and FSC certified woods. For molded internal parts, biodegradable resins were planned. 

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