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Employee Badge

Features Overview

The client was updating their employee badges engaged internal and external design groups for the effort. I was tasked with focusing non wrist worn wearables.

Client: Withheld
Contributions: Industrial Design


Papers, Please...

The concepts I created explored the intersection of security, personalization and privacy, I also looked at adding dimensionality into a traditionally 2D product. Below are my final round of concepts.

Magnets Make Everything Better

This concept was based around the idea that you personal info is hidden by default, affording the employee a level of privacy when going off campus. If challenged by security, the user could pop open the badge or completely remove the ID portion form the outer shell to hand over. I designed the machismo around a series of magnets that kept everything in place and provided a nice slide feel.


Finish Models

Functional prototypes were built and presented to executive management. 

Integrated ID band and app.

Integrated ID band and app.