Outerwall Orango

Outerwall Orango

Orango, formerly Gizmo, was a kiosk that sold quality refurbished electronics at reasonable prices. I was tasked with helping design then next generation machine, optimized around the current business model. Over the course of eight months we went from user research and sketches to fully functioning units, deployed in the field.

Client: Outerwall
Contributions: Industrial Design, Field Research.

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User Research

Extensive user interviews were performed on the previous generation machine. We gained a lot of insight into customer preference on inventory model, scarcity, and purchase factors. One of the clients primary concerns was using display models rather than selling the actual product the customer saw. It turned out to be a non issue due to Orango's generous return policy and at kiosk returns.

Design Iteration

Turn on the bright lights

Each bin in the display had an individually addressable LED lighting array. This allowed for a more dynamic user experience. For instance when the customer chose a product to purchase, all the other bins would dim, easily allowing them to verify they were buying the item they wanted. In addition, dimming and coloring of the entire unit's light system could be choreographed for promotions.


Mix Master

The display area was divided into four sections that could be easily be adapted to multiple configurations. This allowed for the product arrangement to continually look fresh.