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LuxVue Smart Watch Concept

LuxVue Smart Watch Concept


LuxVue was developing a revolutionary display technology allowing the company to "print" Micro LEDs onto flexible complex surfaces with exceptionally low power requirements. I was tasked with developing product concepts that showcased their technology. One aforementioned concept was a smart watch with wrap around display and a UI to match. LuxVue was purchased by Apple in May 2014.

Client: LuxVue
Contributions: Industrial Design, UX/UI
Related Patent: Watch

smooth moves

Concept behind the UI was that the center part of the display was the primary interface while the thinner portion allows the user to glance at peek able information. To navigate you swipe left or right to switch between apps and up an down to scrub within them. For time based apps like the weather swiping up let you see the upcoming hourly forecast with the weather an light changing accordingly.

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Face Value

The main screen was intend to be a watch first and foremost. Configurable app shortcuts allowed you to quickly access your most used functions.